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Zos OST with 11 chiptune tracks, NGASS 2013, friends and beer!

2014-01-04 15:48:22 by wandschrank

Asvegren and Minotaur made a really cool game, and I had the honour to compose a soundtrack for it. If you're into oldschool platforming action or brewing strange potions or giant monkeys with three heads..

Play Zos!

(Really, do it!)


I guess a lot of people will dislike it because of it's difficulty, but if you grew up with the (S)NES or other old consoles, it's actually rather easy (sorry, Asvegren..). You may want to try getting the Masochist achievement though, I think it makes the boss fight a lot more interesting! ;D

Considering how much I love to make chiptunes / pseudo 8bit retro stuff, the job was perfect for me.. However, it was not always easy working with those two guys (and it was even harder for them to work with me, I guess. I just hate deadlines sometimes..), but I just love the final "product". ;) I uploaded 11 of the 13 tracks (the other 2 are just noise) I made, I hope you like them! There are also at least 9000 tracks which I made and Asvegren or Minotaur didn't like, so they didn't end up in the game - I may upload those sooner or later, too.

Here's the Playlist with the complete soundtrack!


2013 has been a good year, I had a lot of time to make music - Still, I spent (.. wasted) most of my free time on computer games. I made only 2 game soundtracks, I hope to compose a lot more this year (wink wink, game developers! ;D). But I renovated a room in my house and moved all my audio equipment to it - Yay, home studio! Still, I am far from finished, I have to invest a lot of money into building absorbers etc. to improve the room acoustics. Once I'm finished I'll post some pictures. :)

Secret Santa 2013 was a lot of fun, and I got a really, really nice present this year -

The Stormy East by Troisnyx.

Make sure to check it out! (And @Troisnyx: I'll write the promised review soon..! Had two busy weeks.)


I made a dubstep / chillstep track for BlueOceans. I think his user name is also a great name for a song: Blue Oceans. It's different from my usual stuff, but I had a lot of fun making it.


Also, make sure to check out those great tracks:



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2014-01-04 22:42:02

really want to try the game

wandschrank responds:

Thanks!! Check it out, it's on the Frontpage right now, and it's awesome! :D


2014-01-05 00:40:56

The soundtrack turned out bad-ass!

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot! It was a lot of work, even though it's just some beeping and white noise.. :)


2014-01-05 22:59:34

If people think the game is hard they're just not paying much attention to the fact that the character never really has to freeze to throw potions, just jump or be on a ladder or something climbable and you can always move.

By the way, is it truly chiptune? As in, can I actually download this in a native game format such as Impulse Tracker, NSF, or the like?

wandschrank responds:

Yep, like I said, I personally think it's rather easy (still fun), but I already heard some complaints about the difficulty. ;)

Is it truly chiptune - Depends on how much of an "elitist" you are. If you take the Wikipedia (and my) definition, "A chiptune also known as chip music or 8-bit music, is synthesized electronic music produced (or emulated) by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines, as well as with other methods such as emulation." - Yes, those are chiptunes.

I also can't think of a better term to describe those songs. However, if you listen closely, you can hear that I mixed up different soundchips - I used a lot of SID sounds, but also NES, Atari etc. - I just like to blend the sounds of those consoles. :) I used no samples, however, all soundchips are emulated, I did not use any old console to create this, not even my Gameboy. Also, I added a little EQing to make the beeping less exhausting for the ears & used a little reverb here and there. In addition, in every song there are far too many notes playing at the same time.

So.. Authentic 8bit music? No. Just "modern" chiptunes with different emulated soundchips. Let's call it artistic freedom. ;)


2014-01-06 19:17:10

I still remember joking about both of us having like 70 fans and now look at us lol xD

wandschrank responds:

Now we're lovers and I use you to import czech beer! <3


2014-01-06 22:53:44

Zos was a great game. I finished it just now, and I've obtained all of the medals but one; 'Man of Steel'. I've got 9 health so that's 6 upgrades. How many are there, and where can I find them? Also good job on the soundtrack.

wandschrank responds:

There's one Health on every planet, that makes a total of 10 health. Some are hard to find. If you know which one you are missing, PM me and I'll help you, I don't want to spoiler it here :) I missed the one on POTAL, took me 213312 hours to find it.. maybe you have the same problem? :D


2014-02-17 12:34:21

I had to stop playing (or let me call it 'surfing through the planets to have a listen at the music) because i think the music ruins the game, its like theres just no structure in it whatsoever, the progressions feel half assed as if you took the easy way out or just were incapable of thinking of something better, but the worst is the simplicity of the bass sequences themselves, and even then theres stray dissonant notes everywhere that make it hard for me to even look at the game for what it is anymore, because the game is great but its completely taken down by the music.
The music for the final level really takes the cake, i have not in a long time heard a piece so terrible that it actually got me angry.

I sincerly pray that you will develope your composing skills so you may understand what i mean.

wandschrank responds:

You can't please everyone, I'm rather content with the outcome, so is asvegren, and the majority of the reviews praised the music if they mentioned it :) Thanks for taking the time to review!


2014-07-11 06:59:08

U look seksi girl.

wandschrank responds:

thanks boi! <3


2015-01-02 09:17:07

I have been dying to ask. Whos that chick in yo profile pic?!

wandschrank responds:

Club-to-Death angel Dokuro-chan!


2015-01-30 13:27:23

I have more fans than you noob! xd

wandschrank responds:

Considering the amount of songs you post, you need at least 10 times more. :D


2015-02-21 12:45:52

I just want to say thank you for the ost of Zos.

It is... perfect. I shit you not, it always brings many good memories. Plus this music fits everything.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.