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New Dubstep Remix // Collaborating // Beer!

2013-05-07 14:59:05 by wandschrank

After months, I finally had the time to finish a remix for Deshiel:


I'm also always up for some collabs if I have the time, feel free to PM me! I'll also consider remixing some other tracks (for beer). ;D



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2013-05-07 16:55:25

About the remix, I could listen to it [because I like shit like that] but on newgrounds every audio I play sounds like someone is raping speaker inside my computer, you have an soundcloud link or somewhere else?

wandschrank responds:

Sure, skarbie: k/redemption-schrank-remix

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated. ;D

Most of my stuff is uploaded on Soundcloud.


2013-05-11 11:08:15

Nice song

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! :]


2013-05-24 10:43:10

Y u so talented?

wandschrank responds:

BEER! Me gusta!